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The Library Board of Trustees


     The Durham Public Library Board of Trustees is the sole governing body of the Library, vested with the entire custody and management of the Library.  The Board hires the Library Director and Library staff, adopts policies to govern the Library’s operation, and advocates for adequate financial support of the Library.  It controls all funds provided to the Library and determines how they will be spent.  The Board consists of seven Trustees who are elected to three-year terms by the citizens of Durham.  Up to three Alternate Trustees can be recommended by the Board to the Town Council for appointment to one-year terms. 

      The Town, as required by NH law, provides adequate financial support to the Durham Public Library through its annual budget appropriations.  The Town administration supports the Library in other ways as well. The Durham DPW maintains the Library building and grounds, both of which are owned by the Town.  The Town business office handles the payroll, tracks expenditures, and conducts the annual audit for the Library.

2021 Durham Public Library Board of Trustees

Members, Agendas and Minutes

  • Charlotte Ramsay, Chair - term exp. 3/22
  • Robin Glasser, Co-Chair - term exp. 3/23
  • Erik Waddell, Treasurer - term exp. 3/22
  • Andrew Sharp, Secretary - term exp. 3/22
  • Martie Gooze, Trustee - term exp. 3/22
  • Stan Reczek, Trustee - term exp. 3/24
  • Susan Wagner, Trustee - term exp. 3/24

      Alternate Trustees:

  • Kam Damtoft
  • Lai Lai Jenkins


To view the Library Board of Trustees Bylaws, click here.

Contact:  BoardofTrusteesDPL@gmail.com

All Library Trustee Board Meetings are currently being conducted online via Zoom.  Please click on the agenda for the meeting date you are interested in attending for instructions and access.  

2021 Agendas and Meeting Dates

2021 Board Minutes


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